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Keto Diet

What is keto diet?

Keto diet basically a diet containing lower amounts of carbohydrate and substantial amount of fats which facilitate body to burn fats to get energy. Keto diet aims to weight loss and minimizing risks of certain deadly diseases along with lot of other benefits.

Substantial degree of research supports the fact the keto diet help in weight loss and improvement in health. It is helpful in fighting against certain diseases like diabetes, cancer, epilepsy and Alzheimer.

Keto diet involves in significant reduction of carbohydrate intake and its replacement to fat. Such reductions in carbohydrates indulge body into a specific metabolic state which is called as ketosis.

Keto Diet is helpful for overall health and facilitates in weight loss.
Keto Diet

When such process occur, body becomes radically more efficient in burning the fat to quench energy. It transforms fats into ketones in liver as well, which in return channel energy towards brain.

It is also observed that keto diet help in reduction of blood sugar levels and insulin. It along with ketones renders certain health benefits.


Standard Keto Diet

It entails on low carbohydrates, medium level of protein and high in fats. It is composed of 70 percent of fat, 20 percent of protein and 10 percent carbohydrates.

Cyclical Keto Diet

It involves in time frames of higher carbohydrates intakes for example 4 keto days followed with 2 high carbohydrate days.

Targeted Keto Diet

Such diet permits you additions of carbohydrates between workouts.

High Protein Keto Diet

It is identical to the standard diet yet with more additions in proteins. The ratios are 60 percent of fats, 35 percent of proteins and 5 percent of carbohydrate.

However, it is worth mentioning that standard and high protein diets are more studied. The cyclical and targeted varieties are more commonly in use by athletes and bodybuilders.


It is revealed in various research that keto diet is extremely effective in reducing weight and lowering the dangers of other diseases. In fact, research posited that weight loss happens due to lower fatty diet.

Interestingly, review of 13 studies keto diet found more effective than low fat diet. It is supported by the fact that people following keto diet lose an average 0.9 kg (2 pounds) of weight which is more than those who are following lower fat diets. It is beneficial in diastolic blood pressure reductions and lowering in triglyceride level.

Another research conducted on 34 older adults revealed that those who are following keto diet reduce 5 times more weight than low fat diet followers.


As we all know, diabetes is characterized with certain changes in metabolism, high levels of sugars in blood and insulin function impairment. Keto diet facilitate in weight loss which is closely connected with type 2 diabetes, Prediabetes and compromised metabolism. A study supported the finding that keto diet help in insulin sensitivity enormously to 75%. Another study on women dealing with type 2 diabetes revealed that keto diet plans for 90 days reduce hemoglobin level A1C which is determinant of long run blood sugar levels management.

Furthermore, a study on 349 patients with type 2 diabetes revealed that those who employ keto diet lose about 11.9 kg of weight in 2 years’ time span. It is worth consideration correlation between weight loss and type 2 diabetes.


In actual, the diet originates as a mechanism for treatment of neurological illnesses like epilepsy. Various studies showed the benefits of said dietary patterns for certain diseases.

Heart Diseases

Keto diet is helpful in improvement of body fats, HDL cholesterols, blood pressures and blood sugar levels.


The diet found helpful in slowing down the tumor growths as well. It is really a helping feature as far as treatment of cancer is concerned.

Alzheimer Disease

Keto diet found helpful in reducing down the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer illness and slowing down its progress.

Parkinson Disease

However, research gap is still wide, yet it is found that keto diet may be helpful in Parkinson Disease.


It is research proven that the keto diet may help in reductions of seizures among epileptic kids.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndromes (POS)

As it is proven fact that the diet help in reductions in insulin levels that is considered as significantly lucrative for treatment of POS.


While following keto diet plans one must get rid of high carb foods. The foods not required or have unhealthy consequences are as under:

  • Sugary Drinks Like beverages, soda or certain juice.
  • Grain and starches like wheat products, rice, pasta and cereals etc.
  • All fruits except strawberries but in small quantities.
  • Beans and legumes like peas, lentils and chickpeas etc.
  • Vegetables like potatoes, carrot and parsnips etc.
  • Low fat dietary products like mayonnaise, honey, teriyaki sauces, barbecue sauces and condiments etc.
  • Alcohol based drinks like beer, wines and others.
  • Sugar free drinks, candies, syrups, sweeteners, desserts etc.


It is recommended to keep food intakes around the following alternatives:

  • Meat which includes re meat, steaks, bacons, chicken and turkey etc.
  • Salmon Fish, tuna or trout etc.
  • Eggs like omega 3 whole egg
  • Butters and creams like grass fed butters and creams.
  • Unprocessed cheese
  • Nuts and Seeds like walnuts, pumpkin seed, chia seeds etc.
  • Avocados
  • Green vegetables, tomatoes, onion and pepper etc.
  • Condiment like salts, peppers, herb and spice.


To assist with kicking you off, here an example keto diet plan for multi week:

VegetablesChicken and vegetablesSalmon
TomatoesFeta cheddar 
Egg BiscuitsOlives 
 Mixed green Vegetable 
TuesdayEggAlmond milkCheddar shell tacos with salsa
TomatoesPeanut Butter 
Spinach OmelateCocoa Powder 
 Stevia Milkshake 
WednesdayNut milkAvocado shrimp saladParmesan cheddar
Chia pudding Broccoli and salad
Coconut and blackberries  
ThursdayOmeletNutsChicken with chadder
Salsa, peppers, onionGuacamole and salsaBarbecued zucchini
FridayMilk yogurt with peanut butterChicken with onion, tomotoesVegetables
Berries Stacked cauliflower
SaturdayBlueberriesZucchiniFish cooked properly in olive oil.
Barbecued mushroomsNoodle Salad 
SundayEggsSesame chickenSpaghetti


Keto diet plans are really hard and challenging as well as. Therefore, there are certain tips which may make this journey a bit easy.

  • Commence it by introducing yourselves with certain food items by checking carbohydrates, fats levels and fibers to better instill favorite recipes into your foods.
  • It’s more beneficial to make weekly plan in start to save time and energy throughout the week.
  • You can make your customized food menus by following valid websites, apps and blogs.
  • There are certain keto meal delivery services present nearby you, so avail such opportunities to get ample alternative options to keep you relax and healthy.
  • You can also opt for frozen keto meal options as well for your convenience.
  • Bring your meal along with you in any social gatherings; friends meet ups to remain stick to your menu.


It is advised to meat or fish options when visit restaurants. In restaurants you can make your meal keto friendly through finalizing your menu in consistent with keto diet options. You can replace your high carb foods with vegetables.

Another alternate strategy to avoid restaurant menu is to carry keto diet plan with you to stick to the plan. The swapping of fries with vegetables and extra avocados, cheese, bacon or eggs may prove more beneficial.


Although the keto diet plans are safe for most of healthy people yet there are chances of side effect owing to adaption of meal routines.

One of the anecdotal pieces of evidence of such side effects is keto flu which may be encountered in initial days. The keto flu symptoms may entail diarrhea, constipation and vomiting. Other rarely encountered problems are as under:

  • Lethargic conditions
  • Increased appetite
  • May cause insomnia initially.
  • Nausea
  • Problem in digestive system
  • Reduction of physical activity performance

The solution to these problems to introduce low carb food items in your diet to become complacent to diet changes before throwing out the carb from dietary options.

The keto diet may alter water and mineral balance. Therefore, it is suggested to add salts in meals and prescribed supplements as well. Also consult dietician for further assistance.


There are also risks attached with keto diet following in long run such as:

  • Low levels of proteins in blood
  • Abundance of extra fats in liver
  • Stones in kidneys
  • Malnutrition due to deficiency of micronutrients


The keto diet (KD) is a high-fat, low-carb diet that has been displayed to have various medical advantages, including weight loss, further developed glucose control, and diminished chance of coronary illness.

In any case, the KD isn’t without its dangers, and it means quite a bit to converse with your primary care physician prior to beginning this eating routine. A portion of the likely dangers of the KD include:

Keto flu: This is an impermanent incidental effect that can happen when you initially start the KD. It is described by side effects like exhaustion, migraine, and sickness.

Constipation: The KD can in some cases lead to stoppage. This is on the grounds that the eating routine is low in fiber.

Kidney stones: The KD can expand your gamble of creating kidney stones. This is on the grounds that the eating regimen is high in protein, which can build how much calcium in your pee.

In the event that you are thinking about beginning the KD, it means quite a bit to converse with your primary care physician first. They can assist you with surveying your singular dangers and ensure that the eating regimen is appropriate for you.

The keto diet can be a protected and viable method for getting thinner and work on your wellbeing. In any case, it is essential to converse with your primary care physician prior to beginning this eating routine, and to securely follow it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat carb?

Yes. But after following keto diet for 2-3 months. You can use carb foods but n some special occasions and then jump back to keto food recipes.

Will I lose body mass?

Yes. But by maintaining higher levels of ketones and protein intake adverse weight loss can be minimized.

Can I build muscle on a keto diet?

Yes, but not significantly without altering intake of food items menu.

How much protein I can use?

Well, protein intake should be moderate because higher intakes may increase insulin levels and lower down the ketones.

Why my urine smells fruity?

No issue it’s due to the by products which are produced during the process of ketosis.

Why my breaths smell?

It may be a side effect. You can use sugar free chew gums.

Is ketosis dangerous?

Most people confuse ketosis and ketoacidosis. However, ketoacidosis is dangerous which require immediate doctor consultation.

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