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Healthy Routines

Healthy routines are manifestations and outcomes of our incremental and influential daily habits. Healthy routines have significant impact on our physical, mental, psychological and social wellbeing.

According to Harvard Business School study around 97% people follow morning healthy routines. Healthy routines are no doubt difficult to devise and hard to follow, yet, really beneficial for overall health.

It’s tough to follow healthy routines because it is directly connected with behavioral antecedents. However, one can follow them through mental consciousness and devotion. A survey result revealed that around 55% people continue and maintain their healthy routines and about 37% people use to continue it even on weekends. Healthy routines are suitable against fighting anger, depression and anxiety.

Healthy routines affect our daily everyday life and have strong influence on our mental, social, psychological and social wellbeing. They make a man perfect and product and according to a study an individual potential increases up to 75% on the job.

This article will classify the healthy routines and describe the utility of them accordingly. So, healthy routines could be categorized in following ways:

Healthy Morning Routines

Start of the day will switch on the setup of healthy routines. One must follow healthy morning routines like:

Get Up Early

One should avoid sleeping for late hours because it not only affect human health but also waste precious time which could be invested in some meaningful and product way. One could save 30 hours of their time annually through saving just 5 minutes in a day.

Brushing Teeth

Brushing teeth in the morning and before sleep is vital to maintain high standards of dental and oral hygiene. Proper brushing helps in avoiding dental ailments and assists in minimizing threats of dental carries and pits.

In addition to brushing, it is also advised to employ flossing as well. Healthy routines like brushing is considered as a really helping and healthy routine because it helps in getting rid of bacteria.

Therefore, oral hygiene is considered best healthy habit if dealt regularly and according to prescribed pattern. Accurate technique of brushing and flossing helps in maintaining better oral health and assist in getting rid of bacteria and other germs which may harm teeth and gums.

Morning Exercise

It’s healthy and refreshing to exercise in the morning for 10-20 minutes at least. Mixed weight and cardio exercises may prove more beneficial and healthy. Healthy routines of daily exercise have surprisingly positive impacts on health.

A study revealed that about 63% people use to perform yoga or meditate in the morning while around 79% people do exercise.

Take Healthy Breakfast

Taking healthy breakfast is among very effective healthy routines. A breakfast composed of proteins, vitamins, minerals and dairy products may help in maintaining higher standards of wellbeing.

A healthy breakfast may include fresh fruits juices, yogurt, nuts and berries and vegetable omelets.

Healthy Fitness Routines

Fitness is backbone for better and steady life. Healthy routines concerning fitness have paramount importance. Healthy fitness routines are as follows:

Daily Exercise

Daily exercise for at least 10-20 minutes has significant impact on heath. It not only expedites blood circulation but also physically stimulate whole body. Apart from all this it helps in weight management and diabetic control as well.


Yoga is among really effective healthy routines. Yoga is basically a holistic approach to connect body and mind which entails various techniques like meditation, physical postures and certain breathing techniques.

There are multiple types of yoga like Hatha or Restorative. However, the beginners are recommended to start from 10 minutes and extend duration afterwards to control stress, insulin sensitivity and diabetes. It has certain psychological benefits as well.

 Tai Chi and Qigong

These are considered as gentle and minimal impact exercises which help in maintaining and stimulating circulations and cause positive influence on moods and behaviors.


If one is getting bored to certain exercise and meditations or yoga techniques then there is another option which is dance. Dancing not only help in getting calmness and nerves relaxation but also helps in weight management and flexibility.

Healthy Diet Routines

Healthy and balanced diet intake is considered effective and sustaining healthy routines. Healthy diet routines may include:

Healthy Lunch and Food Pyramid Concept

Healthy lunch is really beneficial as it helps in providing ample calories to carry out daily bodily functions and provide energy. But it is recommended not to take unhealthy, fatty and empty calories meals. In order to maintain higher fitness standards one must take supplements with proper advice. Food pyramid concept could help in making a healthy, balanced and nutritious plate.

However, lunch should include herbs, vegetables and mineral. Leafy green and other vegetables like spinach, cauliflower, cabbage, mustard and tomatoes, turmeric, garlic and ginger among other food choices are considered healthy, nutritious and effective.

Lemon Water

Lemon water drinks at the start of the day are really beneficial and has certain health benefits. Healthy routines to dink lemon water daily helps in avoiding osteoporosis and other fungal infections.

Apart from these benefits it’s also enriched source of vitamin C which controls multiple bodily functions.

Adequate Hydration

A study revealed that around 42% people use to drink water right after waking up. Drinking adequate amount of amount is necessary for the body to perform certain functions inside the body. It is recommended to at least drink 8-10 glasses of water daily.

Therefore, it is advised to carry water or any other low sugar drinks to keep you hydrated and fresh.

Vitamin C Supplements before Sleeping

It is revealed through research studies that vitamin C supplements before sleep are really effective in avoiding acidity and dehydration.  One teaspoon of buffered vitamin C powder could be mixed up within a glass of water.

Balanced Healthy Dinners

After whole day observance of pre defined controlled measures it inevitable to take healthy and balanced dinners to avoid obesity and unnecessary weight gains.

It is better to adopt non fatty, more alkaline and anti oxidizing options which are leafy green vegetables, plant based proteins and animal proteins like lamb and fish.

It is also suggested not to indulge in any caffeine based food intake which may harm health but also cause acidic and gastric problems.

Healthy Hair Routines

Hairs could also affect due to poor food choices and unhealthy dietary routines. Therefore is it is suggested to eat healthy food and also consume nuts and beans.

As far as, hair care is concerned, one should wash oily hairs more frequently to avoid hairs damage. Use shampoo and conditioner of good quality and avoid using them too frequently.

It is suggested to cover hairs while swimming and don’t use curlers, hair dryers and steamers on regular basis.

Healthy Routines about Sleep Hygiene

According to a study, an average person sleeps up to 7 hours and 29 minutes in European World. Sleep hygiene ensures adequate sleep at night to regulate body functions which deals with emotions, behaviors and metabolism.

Inadequate sleep could affect emotions, behaviors and stress levels of a person adversely.

Meditations and proper sleep along with dietary control techniques helps in avoiding stress, depression and other illnesses.

Absence of adequate sleep leads towards multiple psychological and mental problems like insomnia. Therefore, it is pertinent to note that sleep should not be taken non-seriously.

It is also pertinent to mention that on must avoid using gadgets at night especially before sleep because they could alter sleep patterns which may disturb health.

Cell phone use before sleep has the same adverse effects because it not only affects sleep but also causes eye damage and vision issues. A study revealed that about 71% people use to check their cell phones when they wake up in the morning.

One must make the sleep environment calm and quiet, switch off all lights and put cell phone off. Avoid nicotine and caffeine before sleep. Keep the room temperature moderate i.e. neither too cold nor too hot to make sleep comfortable. By adopting such healthy routine of sleep hygiene also affect the overall health.


Healthy routines have a significant impact on human health and fitness. Healthy routines are considered as an umbrella term which entails lot of healthy routines from diet, meal, fitness to sleep.

One must develop a habit of waking up early and go for exercise. Around 10-20 minutes of daily exercise ensures healthy body and healthy brain. Exercise, meditation, yoga, dance, eating balanced and healthy food, scheduling and prioritization of daily activities and adequate sleep all are among healthy routines domain.

Healthy and nutritious meals including breakfast, lunch and dinners are of paramount importance. Avoidance of fatty, sugary and junk foods is also mandatory. Proper brushing techniques and flossing also ensures better health and dental hygiene.

Healthy routines reflect in positive psychology and productive behaviors. Furthermore, they affect memory and prevent forgetfulness and increase self esteem also.

Finally, it is recommended to strictly follow healthy routines to avoid stress, depression, diabetes, unnecessary weight gain, insomnia and other mental, physical, psychological and social problems.


How healthy routines emerge?

Healthy routines are manifestations and outcomes of our incremental and influential daily habits.

Does daily healthy routines have impact on health?


What are healthy routines?

Get up early in the morning, perform yoga or exercise, healthy eating and sleep hygiene.

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