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Healthy Habits: 10 Small Steps to Big Health Wins

Healthy Habits

Weaving healthy habits in daily routines of life is similar to building up a pulsating tapestry of health and overall wellbeing. Healthy habits have certain physical, psychological and even emotional implications. Nourishment through healthy habits of consuming green vegetables and colorful fruits, proteins, dairy products and whole grains is inevitable.

Instilling life with cheerful healthy habits of regular walk, cycling, yoga and dance sessions has seriously positive implications on health. Healthy habits also entail proper sleep hygiene which ensures maximum output and positive mind set. Healthy habits guarantee healthier, brighter and smarter future.

Habit #1: Inspiring Start of the Day

Intentions are the compass which reminds what one want to focus on. Intentions and motivations guide a person towards real self actualizations. Standardized intentional questions may help in devising an action plan to further enhance living standard and health.

For example, one could think about weight loss, or weight gain or make life healthy through employ certain outgoing routines to keep one fresh and healthy.

Sometimes, one wants to relax and take rest while some other day’s one may focus on yoga or self meditations. Such directional approach really affects the human psychology and self health.

Habit #2: Rank up Your Hydration

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated and drink a lot of water. That should be our first priority. If anyone doesn’t have the habit of drinking enough water, it could not only affect health but also deteriorate various body functions.

Water has multifarious benefits to the human body due to the really important functions which it performs. It is recommended to at least drink 8-10 glasses of water daily.

It is more healthy to drink warm water instead cold one because its really effective for digestive system and easy to drink as well.

In order to make a habit to drink ample amount of water daily one could employ certain ways to not only drink water but also get certain nutrition. For example, water with few drops of lemon may quench the thirst but also provide vitamin C or try to add some honey and ginger with hot water.

Coconut water and green juice are nutritious and also helpful in certain body functions. Coconut water is for extra electrolytes and green juice has a lot of its own vitamins and minerals.

One could also consume mushroom tincture which includes 11 different kinds of mushrooms like Reishi, Lion’s Mane and Chaga.

They are all known as adaptogens that offer various health benefits. So, it’s healthy to add a couple droppers into water, and drink. It’s refreshing and nutritious.

Habit #3: Move Your Body in a Way That’s Fun to You

In order to stick with an exercise routine, it has to be fun and frictionless. Anyone who wants to continue to certain exercise routines must enrich them with different tactics and variations.

One could employ or join community who use to perform yoga. It will sooth mind and keep it healthy and fresh. Secondly, dancing can also sooth mind and create a healthy daily routine.

It is also healthy to engage and communicate with people, to make social bonds and participate in gatherings. It not only enrich brain with positive thoughts but also helps in enhancing experiences which further helps in making life prosperous and healthy.

It is also recommended to have a designated space to work out with gears ready, and laying out workout clothes.

Habit #4: Calm Down and Ensure Sleep Hygiene

There are so many distractions & stimulants throughout our day that it’s important to have a daily habit of quieting your mind and connecting with yourself.

Whether it’s taking a walk outside, sitting down to meditate, or making time to stretch in the evenings, find an enjoyable way to detach mentally from your everyday thoughts and stresses.

Instead of being constantly plugged in, one has to take time to unplug and reset mentally. When we do this consistently, we develop a clearer mind and better mental wellbeing overall.

It is therefore highly recommended to ensure sleep hygiene to calm down mind and physical attributions.

Healthy sleep plays a pivotal role in mind reset and brain functioning. Positive mindset could not be achieved in absence of sleep. So, it is important to keep the room temperature, lighting and bed setting according to the prescribed pattern to get ample healthy sleep.

Habit #5: Prioritize Healthy Food and avoid Smoking

On the road to a better life, change oneself from the inside out by being more intentional about the food one eats. Most of us know that it’s healthiest to eat whole foods i.e. foods that are closest to their natural form that one would find in nature in contrast to eating processed foods like fast food or snacks.

But it’s not always easy to commit to a healthy diet. So, it’s important to add certain nutritious alternate to gain maximum nutrition by remaining motivated to eat. A mix fruits plate could help in this context. One could add banana, apple, pomegranate, guava, peanut butter, papaya, pineapple, kiwi, strawberries and granola.

It is healthy habit to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol because it not only deteriorate self health but also has certain adverse effects on social health.

Habit #6: Take Five Minutes Every Day to Write Down Your Thoughts of Gratitude

Anyone can take five minutes out of their day to do something. Gratitude journaling is such a simple yet powerful practice. Because having gratitude in your life shapes how you feel about everything else. Positive approaches towards life make it healthy and easier as well as effective and productive. Most of the writings by knowledgeable people has far reaching positive impacts on overall well being of human but also assist in behavioral modeling of whole society.

Therefore, writing is considered as a very powerful and lasting medium of impact.

Energy goes where attention flows. Bring energy to the positives in your life versus the negatives.

Habit #7: Prioritize Your Most Important Task for the Day

To be productive, one should focus on being more effective versus being efficient. Being effective means one is working on the most important or impactful thing that could be working on.

Being efficient simply means that you’re doing something faster or with less energy. Being efficient doesn’t matter if one is working on the wrong thing. Instead of trying to get more done in a day, focus on completing the most important task for a day.

One must avoid procrastinations and try to adapt to situations and perform healthy and unique tasks.

Habit #8: Take 10 Minutes Every Day to Do a Daily Reset

As cleaning rooms, arranging cupboards, managing books and focusing on resetting schedules needs time and scheduling. It is recommended to spare at least 10 minutes in a day to plan and arrange things. It could refresh and sooth mind and create a sense of fulfillment.

Set a time in your day and make it a routine before or after you work. Building this daily habit will help cultivate a more ideal space and a better environment for yourself.

Habit #9: Do Something Every Day That Brings You Joy

Life shouldn’t feel like a never-ending to do list, nor should you feel like a robot where you’re just focused on getting things done nonstop. Life should be fun. If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, remember to come back to what brings you joy.

One could read a book, or go for cycling or make a drawing etc to refresh mind and get joy. Such healthy habits mold human behavior and impacts on human health and wellbeing.

Habit #10: Reflect At the End of Your Day

It is really a healthy habit to think about the highlight of the day. It could be done through journaling or photographic impressions or other means to keep your mind healthy.

To make a day healthy and productive one could employ certain means to avoid boredom and monotony because both of these things have amplified impact on mental health and also on general health.

One should make certain routine patterns like making photos which may remind about memories and days with fun and recreation.

Thinking before sleep about the whole day work and prioritize healthy habits and routines will definitely boost motivation and self confidence.


Healthy habits ensure healthier, active and soothing life styles. Healthyhabits are the backbone of overall health because these habits not only affect physical wellbeing of human but also have serious impacts on mental health.

Healthy habits include eating healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, dairy products, drinking ample amounts of water. Furthermore, healthy habits also revolve around good sleep hygiene because sleep has far lasting effects on overall health.

Abstaining from smoker and drinking alcohol is also important because it not only waste resources but also adversely affects overall health.

It is suggested to involve in certain healthy activities like journaling, yoga, meditations, gatherings, social interactions, reading books etc. to enhance knowledge and to enrich life with positivity and energy.


Do healthy habits impact health and welbeing?


What are healthy habits?

It includes everything which impact life positively. It starts from brushing teeth to sleep at night and beyond.

What are benefits of healthy habits?

Healthy habits have certain physical, psychological and even emotional implications.

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